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Maistrali hotel provides a reception area, to offer exceptional service to its guest during their accommodation on Serifos island

Whether you are on long vacation or a short holiday, we can provide you with comfortable and relaxing accommodation in Serifos Greece. By placing your reservation at the Maistrali Hotel in Serifos island in advance, you will have the advantage of choosing the type of room that is the most suitable for you. For the successful completion of the form, you need to fill all required fields

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Maistrali Hotel and the beautiful island of Serifos!

To make a reservation or to enquire about the accommodation (rooms and apartments), facilities or services at the Maistrali Livadi Serifos Hotel Rooms, please send us your message by filling in as many fields as possible in the contact form.

For us to receive your message, it is necessary that the name, e-mail and comments fields be completed.

You can also contact us by phone at +30 22810 51220 or +30 22810 51381, or fax at +30 22810 51298.

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